RX 470 Hashrate & Crashing ft. BIOS Mod

QRSeamanQRSeaman Member Posts: 14
I'll start with my four G1 470's 4gb, Running EthOS, ptune 5,
core @ 1.13, mem 2.00 (hynix x4)
I crash over night, it's the memory clock.. my panel shows my mem clock dialing back to 0.30, (crashed)
BUT yet, I see people getting still over 26-28 mh/s with similar mem/core... while I only get 23.4 if that.
I'm mining ETC, and looking for help on my cards,
BIOS modded, I've paid someone to give me multiple & multiple mods, for pretty cheap, but just i'm not getting the results other get..
the dream would be 24.5-25.5 stable, if not higher...
thank you. - Q
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