mining on old hardware

jc7nyrjc7nyr Member Posts: 1
I'm currently in the process of building rig but I decided to use some old parts I had.
the mobo is from 2007 ASUS p5k se/epu with a core 2 duo e7200, hard drive is WD blue from 2010, and it's using new ddr2 ram that I purchased. it's running on an evga 1000 G3 with 3 Strix RX 570, eventually 4.
To get them to work, in the bios I have to set Force PEG port x1 to enable. When I was running 2 cards I had to disable PEG control completely.
Now, I am having an issue, since I put the 2nd card, the rig resets periodically, sometimes after 3 hrs, 12 hrs, 48 hrs.... I don't know why this is happening.... all temps are perfect around 60. All 3 cards don't seem to "sync" properly either. OC settings in afterburner sync fine as the cards hash equally but power consumption is different on all 3...

any thoughts ?
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