Dual mining hashrate problem

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I started mining with two RX 570s, modded the BIOS and overclocked. Getting 27 MH/s per card on ethereum only which is pretty good i think. I'm running Win 10, with the new AMD Blockchain Compute drivers, and the newest claymore dual miner.
So i wanted to try dual mining because i see almost everyone reporting higher profits, plus i don't pay for electricity so its even better. The problem is that i can't get any profitable results! I tried DCR, SIA and LBRY with a range of -dcri settings form 5 to 50 and no luck. For example if i mine ETH+SIA with dcri set to 5 i drop from 54 MH/s to 50 MH/s ETH and get 252 MH/s SIA. Set dcri to 10, and i get 45 eth and 450 sia. If i set dcri to 3 i get a 2MH/s drop on eth but i get almost no hashrate on secondary coins...
I've read a lot of reports of people setting dcri to 20-30 and getting no or very little drop on ETH and a nice profit from SIA(or other coins).
Any idea what could be wrong? Maybe i should try with older drivers?


  • EtherminerJayEtherminerJay Member Posts: 157
    When using Eth only monitor you hashrate - When you start up the dual mining use '-' or '+' to tweak the dual mining intensity. It will increase or decrease by one allowing you to see the best dcri setting.

    When you have the exact number, edit you bat file and enter it in
  • ftomicftomic Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply. The problem was the Power Limit in AMD settings. I set it on +30% and now dual mining works fine, with dcri 13 i get 55 mhs eth and 720 mhs sia on dual rx 570.
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