Original data vs transaction

It's unclear to me where original content, used in a smartcontract transaction is actually stored? I have a contract that I'm going to sell my latest mp3 to the party X. Where is the actual mp3 stored? How would I get it to party X? Assuming I have the .mp3 on my computer.
Or does the Blockchain store the transaction AND the all the content of that transaction?


  • hellspawnhellspawn china beijingMember Posts: 7
    This depends on how you design the system.I understand your question is if you want to build an mp3 file trading platform?So how do you pass an mp3 file through a smart contract?
  • hellspawnhellspawn china beijingMember Posts: 7
    There is no need to have all the data stored on the block chain.Generally, there is only simple data stored on the blockchain.For example, if you're storing your trading credentials, you're not going to be able to cheat on both sides of the transaction.
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