Can't get my rig working with 7 x RX580

kbikbi Member Posts: 1

I just bought my new rig but I cannot make it working.

Here is my setup :
- Motherboard : MSI Z170A SLI PLUS
- Processor : INTEL CORE I3-6100 (3.7 GHZ)
- Memory : G.SKILL AEGIS 4 GO (1 X 4 GO) DDR4 2133 MHZ CL15
-GPU :
6x => Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 580 8GD5
1x => ASUS ROG STRIX AMD Radeon RX 580 TOP edition 8Go
-PSU : Corsair HX1000i 80PLUS Platinum
- Risers :
* 1x M.2 to PCIe :
* 4x PCI-E 1X tp 16X risers :

I assembled the rig and powered on but I can't get the 7 GPU to work.
I tried :
1) with 7 GPU
- Install windows 10,
- Install the GPU drivers (I tried 3 times but this always causes a blue screen if the 7 cards are plugged in but it works well with only 1 Graphic card )
=>this doesn't work

2) with 7 GPU
- Install windows 10,
- Do not install the drivers
- Install claymore (can't get it working, it always crash)
=>this doesn't work

3) with 1 GPU (ASUS ROG STRIX AMD Radeon RX 580 TOP edition 8Go)
- Install windows 10,
- Install the drivers
- Install claymore
=> This works well

4) with 4 GPU
- I bought Ethos :
- Installed on a USB key (8Gb)
- Start it
- It works with 4 GPU's (I tried every combination of 4 GPU and it always work => there isn't any hardware problem)
- It stops working with more than for gpu (tried with 5, 6 and 7. they are always detected on boot) => error : kernel panic, I tried this without success :

I have another small PSU of 500W to power 2 GPUs => 5 by the main PSU and 2 by the secondary one.
It's not yet installed => everything is using the same PSU for now

But I'm sure that my this is not the problem.

Please, help :(

PS: I also post this question here on but it seems that this forum is more active :


  • EtherminerJayEtherminerJay Member Posts: 157
    Are you sure your mobo can handle more than 4 cards?

    I had the same issue where anymore than 4 cards and they weren't detected. So I sent my motherboard back and got a new one.

    Check out the latest pro BTC motherboards that are out. Or have a look at other motherboards that can handle that amount of gpus

    Hope this helps!
  • greatauror28greatauror28 Member Posts: 119
    I don't think "7x GPUs" and "1000w" PSU should be in one sentence. That's the problem. Buy another one - or at least have 20% headroom total wattage for zero issues.
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