10X token, trading and gambling, win 10x your bet or get 10X tokens if you loose.

Hi all,

I am launching a pretty new concept as a game. Using the specificity of the blockchain, I have made a gambling game that rewards the one who loose with tokens.
It is the first game of its kind.

It is a bit complex to explain in one post, so you can check http://10x.bz or Discord App to talk about this concept.

There a lot of consequences and innovations related to this new concept, do not give it a miss, it is more deep than you can think if you do not scratch the surface.



  • wadeaminutewadeaminute Member Posts: 32
    1 chance to 10? I'll take this over lottery anyday!
  • TheWolfTheWolf Member Posts: 6
    Yes it works ;) check the website there is a simulator. The 0 can be draw but cannot be played. This guarantee that the bank cash is positive on the long term. However it needs 100x the maximum bet in reserve to prevent the bank to go negative, hence why an ICO is necessary. (or private investors). Plus the lost bets are invested in purchasing the token at the fixed price of 0.1 Ether... think about it. This token deserves more attention than it does, because the implication of this game mechanics are unprecedented.
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