Huge power swings - why?? 200 WATTS Plus!

FirstnameBeauFirstnameBeau Member Posts: 29
So, I've recently noticed sometimes after a while - or even in the beginning - my miner will fluctuate from the supposed to be 120MHS down to say - 40MH, and ten back up again. I watch this swing happen over and over and over - made me curious...

So then I open up afterburner and notice the power draw of my GPU's is fluctuating, sometimes as much as 50%..

And then when I look at my kill-a-watt meter at the wall I can see where I'm drawing anywhere from 350 watts to 610watts and anywhere inbetween - nowher near stable.

So my question is -why?

I do have the power limit down on these cards to 70% - but the problem isn't always there. Sometimes it'll pull a solid 600 watts.. I've tried messing with the power limit just incase (both raising and lowering) but it didn't seem to make a difference.

Any ideas?
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