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I'm at my wits end. I'm willing to pay someone for their working idea or guide to get my rig running. I had it running on 7 cards for about 12 hours. Shut it down and then it shows one of the cards has an error with the yellow triangle. Uninstalled drivers reinstalled with 6 cards. Same issue but the error is on a different card. Updated windows drivers. Switched around risers etc etc. it may be that I'm not using the correct driver. Who knows.
Win 10
8gb ram
7 gtx 1060 6gb

50$ PayPal to whoever can help me out with this. I have Skype. If we can get it up quick I'll probably throw extra on top of that 50$ PM me



  • wcryanwcryan Member Posts: 153
  • sutheksuthek Member Posts: 200 ✭✭
    Try windows 7.
  • wcryanwcryan Member Posts: 153
    Is this personal experience?
  • FirstnameBeauFirstnameBeau Member Posts: 29
    I have this issue from time to time. A simple reboot usually fixes it for me.

    Are your cards undervolted? Try bumping it up a little if so. I know one of my 1060's is more sensitive than the others so I have to set them individually if I want to fine tune.

    Also, if I install the drivers before moving my cards around I will have problems until I out then back in the configuration they were in before drivers...

    I have same mobo and cards as you - I think the mobos are picky to which hardware goes into which slot. After a bunch of headache though, I'm managing 5 1060s and 1 570, same mibo, same miner.... 4 days strong now.
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    I ran 8 of the gigabyte gtx 1060 on win10 just a month ago and so maybe try 1month old drivers. Used msi afterburner to under volt. Sometimes the 8th card would not be picked up but restart and it kinda gets auto installed and picked up. Try to re seat the cords or pci e parts into the slots. If its always the same one do some testing such as swapping riser with another card and see if the problem follows the riser. It has to work
  • FirstnameBeauFirstnameBeau Member Posts: 29
    Oh, and windows 7 definitely was a lot smoother experience than windows 10 - for me at least.
  • karl_den_12karl_den_12 Member Posts: 27
    can be driver issue.
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