6 of 4 GPUs are detecting Asrock H81 Pro BTC 2 and Windows 10?? Please help me.

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I have the following:
  1. Asrock H81 Pro BTC 2
  2. Sapphire Pulse 4GB GDDR5 - 6
  3. Intel Celeron G1840 CPU
  4. EVGA SuperNova P2 750 W Gold - 2
  5. Multiple power supply connector ADD2PSU
  6. Sandisk SSD 120 GB-Inch Internal Solid State Drive
  7. MintCell 6-Pack PCIe VER 006 PCI-E 16x to 1x Powered Riser Adapter Card w/ 60cm USB 3.0 Extension Cable & MOLEX to SATA Power Cable
  8. Kingston HyperX Fury 4GB 1333MHz DDR3
I am using a monitor which works fine connected to the GPU1 mining rig via an HDMI/DVI cable. I have 6 GPUs , 5 GPUs spinning and 4 GPUs showing on Windows.

I have tired:
  1. I did CMOS bettery reset for 40 mins.
  2. I have changed non spinning GPU to another new one still did not work.
  3. Changed Raiser to new one still no results.
  4. I have connected 3 GPUs, SATA cables to 1 PSU, and Molex 4 pin to MOBO
  5. another 3GPUs, SATA cables to another PSU
  6. I have change BIOS to Gen1, PCI-E (Not onboard)
I am sharing my rig sketch and I hope you will understand.

Its just frustrating. Please can anyone help? I am really getting desperate as I still have tons to do because I know there is still a mod to carry out to get the graphic cards to work.

Bigger size image https://i.stack.imgur.com/0leCV.png


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