Submit messages to the Ethereum blockchain with Crypto Speech

I've developed a basic dApp allowing you to submit a message of up to 128 characters that'll be stored in the Ethereum blockchain forever. All messages show the user who submitted them as well as the time it was submitted. In it's current state this is like a very basic and crappy version of Twitter for Ethereum, relying ONLY on the Ethereum blockchain (there is no backend database or anything on my server -- the only files are a simple html page, a smart contract deployed on the blockchain, and a javascript file that interacts with the smart contract). Any feedback welcome.

You can also read about how it works at To post and view messages you'll need your browser configured to connect to the Ethereum blockchain with something like MetaMask. There are also both Mainnet and Testnet versions of the site, so if you change MetaMask to the main or test networks it'll load that version.
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