Incredibly slow function, for the fun.

TheWolfTheWolf Posts: 6Member
Hi everybody, I am new at Solidity, and so far I love it.
I will be participating to this forums, since I am doing an ICO soon and I am reading it.
Here is a fun thing. This small function it taking a LOT of time to compile (20s here, while the SNT contract is taking 5 seconds only!)

Maybe some guru can explain why this is taking so much time, there is no loop.
Also the magic of this function is to make run out of gas any contract.

function last(uint x) returns (uint) { uint last=x/1000000000000000000; if (last<=0) last=x/100000000000000000; if (last<=0) last=x/10000000000000000; if (last<=0) last=x/1000000000000000; if (last<=0) last=x/10000000000000; if (last<=0) last=x/1000000000000; if (last<=0) last=x/100000000000; if (last<=0) last=x/10000000000; if (last<=0) last=x/1000000000; if (last<=0) last=x/100000000; if (last<=0) last=x/10000000; if (last<=0) last=x/1000000; if (last<=0) last=x/100000; if (last<=0) last=x/10000; if (last<=0) last=x/100; if (last<=0) last=x/10; if (last<=0) last=x/1; return last; }

Have fun!
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