NVIDIA = sluggish mining PC?

bleunetizenbleunetizen Member Posts: 17
Just wondering if others are experiencing the same-

on AMD rig's, the PC operates perfectly fine with no lag but on NVIDIA rigs, it is very very sluggish and makes remote maintenance very difficult.

It seems to happen in a few minutes into the mining, the PC suddenly becomes super slow to respond on the screen, however the mining is working fine without any hash dropping.

Just wondering if I should use different command or something for the miner? I am using claymore


  • MLN84MLN84 Member Posts: 48
    I sometimes get this high cpu usage with different monitoring software being active. When i close HWiNFO, MSI Afterburner and Corsair Link, everything is fine.
  • iamnoobplzhelpiamnoobplzhelp Member Posts: 238 ✭✭
    The GPU itself should not cause sluggishness, could be a number of other factors.
    Other running programs, bad risers, loose connection, lots of things.
  • gusti6gusti6 Member Posts: 5
    Try different miners, if I mine Zcash itll be fine. However, with Claymore itll be sluggish...just gotta reduce the intensity.
  • bleunetizenbleunetizen Member Posts: 17
    thanks for the comments. the problem stops immediately if i close the miner, and the problem does not occur with AMD cards. Only with nvidia cards. both 1060 and 1070 are having same symptoms.

    i understand that it is probably related to the gpu being busy therefore screen fresh becomes sluggish but AMD cards are not having the same issues. hmm
  • MLN84MLN84 Member Posts: 48
    i found, if i use one of the mining cards as display adapter for the monitor, that specific card shouldn't be undervolted. That stopped occurance of the laggs for me (together with closing most of the monitoring tools).
  • bleunetizenbleunetizen Member Posts: 17
    oh ok I will try that! thanks
  • bleunetizenbleunetizen Member Posts: 17
    hmm no still have the same issue :(

    things like watching youtube video etc is very slow, while there was no difference when using r9 390 doing more hash!
  • MindMinerMindMiner Member Posts: 11
    A few weeks ago I had 2 Rx480 mining like crazy on my everyday "browsing forum.ethereum.org " computer, doing ordinary windows stuff, mining did not make anything slower but youtube and VLC made mining a tad slower.

    Now im using the same computer with 2 1060 3gb and windows is waaay more sluggish, browsing with FF feels like it did when i had my first computer from late 90s =)
  • ecs87ecs87 Dekalb, ILMember Posts: 339 ✭✭✭
    I'm slightly questioning why you're trying to access the PC when mining. If you need to use the card (IE: to watch YouTube on that card), I'd disable it in the mining program. If you have a dedicated mining rig, you shouldn't need to really do anything other than load Claymore, perhaps HWInfo, then that's it. A laggy UI shouldn't really affect your ability to start these two programs and monitor them every once in a while (try remote admining your rigs on a 1Mbps (100 kb/s) connection...talk about SLUGGISH).
  • RDPPRDPP Member Posts: 71
    When i overclock my 1060's too much, it makes afterburner laggy sometimes (~100% CPU Usage) and the effect is like the one you described. After restarting and lowering the OC its fine again.
  • Techman34Techman34 Member Posts: 404 ✭✭✭
    Try making your primary display adapter in your BIOS your onboard display and then plug a headless hdmi plug directly into your motherboard and then when you remote in (I use Teamviewer) you are not taxing the gpu's additionally in any way.
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