How much eth is a "share"?

sutheksuthek Member Posts: 317 ✭✭
Since last night, my 2gpu computer has collected 1208 shares. (58mh/s)
As a result, I collect eth.

However, how much eth is 1208 shares?
What is a share value in eth?

I'm using ethermine (if share values vary between pools?)


  • MLN84MLN84 Member Posts: 48
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    You could use simple math to answer your question. You just need one more number: How much Ether did you earn in the same timeframe you collected the 1208 shares. And then It's Ether / shares and there you go. updates in 10 minute timeframes. So just note the amount of Ether and what the second graph tells you about the shares.

    Edit: Did it for you. In 10 minutes my unpaid balanced grew about 0,00028 Eth with 84 shares

    0,00028 / 84 = 0,000003333333333...

    With now 176,77 Euro for 1 Ether i made ~ 0,00059 Euro per share^^

    Edit 2: It's worth noticing that seems to update the balance more often than the amount of new shares. So results can vary for each calculation. But: You get better results by just widening the timeframe for your calculations.
  • sutheksuthek Member Posts: 317 ✭✭
    The issue I have is that tools like profit calculators:

    At 60MH/S, it says I should make 0.1899 ETH a week.
    However, I've been mining since Sunday and I'm only at 0.08857 ETH. (barely half way.)

    I'm using ethermine... which I think most people use?
    Why are these calculators so completely wrong? it should be somewhat close?
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