Mist wallet takes hours to synchronize every time it starts

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I only need to use the wallet once a day, but every time I open it I need to download thousands of new blocks and it takes hours to synchronize.

I opened the wallet today at 9.30am, and it didn't load until 2.30pm, similar to what happened yesterday and the day before. It seems to be downloading extremely slowly, because its disk usage is only around 9MB/s, while my Internet connection speed is over 25MB/s. Is it meant to be so slow? Am I doing something wrong? It's so slow that sometimes, by the time I reach the estimated number of blocks needed, the blockchain has advanced by another 1000 blocks and I end up having to download those too.


  • thenoseknowsthenoseknows Posts: 3Member
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    Yesterday my wallet was synchronized at approximately 4,016,000 blocks. This morning the blockchain has moved forward to 4,020,000, thus requiring another few hours to download. Is there any way of using the wallet without downloading all these new blocks, or downloading them faster? My Bitcoin wallet Electrum doesn't need to download the entire BTC blockchain to load, and my other wallets (I have seven, for seven different altcoins, whose combined blockchain size is far larger than Ethereum's) only take a few minutes to load, so what makes Mist different?
  • thenoseknowsthenoseknows Posts: 3Member
    The wallet just finished downloading up to 4,020,000 blocks. Guess what? Now the blockchain has advanced and I need to download another 1000 blocks. How are people expected to use Ethereum if every time they open their wallet, they can only access their Eth after 6 hours of downloading? This is the dumbest wallet I have ever encountered.
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