GTX 1060 big difference in performance

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Hi all,

I just bought 7 GTX 1060 to start a rig but I couldn't find cards from a single brand so I ended up with:
1 used EVGA GTX 1060 3Gb
3 new EVGA GTX 1060 3Gb
1 MSI GTX 1060 3Gb
2 Asus GTX 1060 3Gb
They were all around 220€

What about performance ? Well, surprise surprise...
Asus has Hynix, got 15MH/s with no OC

MSI and EVGA provided good performance, they both have Samsung memory, 20MH/s stock and went up to 24 MH/s (see below)

The EVGA model I bought is soon going to be available on Amazon for 229$, for that price, go for it!
EVGA GTX 1060 on Amazon

What about settings?

No overclock
Trial 1... 20265714
Trial 2... 19553864
Trial 3... 19553864
Trial 4... 19560378
Trial 5... 19560378

+600Mhz memory clock
Trial 1... 23060985
Trial 2... 23037954
Trial 3... 23045626
Trial 4... 23045626
Trial 5... 23736074
min/mean/max: 23037954/23185253/23736074 H/s
inner mean: 23280895 H/s

+800Mhz memory clock
Power 80%
Trial 1... 24458620
Trial 2... 23736074
Trial 3... 24442331
Trial 4... 24442331
Trial 5... 24442331

Stable for all tests

No overclock
Trial 1... 19566896
Trial 2... 19547355
Trial 3... 19547355
Trial 4... 19553864
Trial 5... 19547355

+600Mhz memory clock
Trial 1... 23641633
Trial 2... 22825203
Trial 3... 22961518
Trial 4... 23641633
Trial 5... 22915899

+800Mhz memory clock
Power 80%
-200 core clock
Trial 1... 23641633
Trial 2... 24442331
Trial 3... 24304741
Trial 4... 24328909
Trial 5... 23625966

No overclock
Trial 1... 15328021
Trial 2... 15338212
Trial 3... 15302601
Trial 4... 15297527
Trial 5... 15292457

Started to crash with +400 memory clock. Low stock performance and becomes quickly instable. Avoid this model!

I already had a 1070 for my desktop before, it's a MSI with Samsung memory again and there I get 32-33MH/s with Dwarfpool.

Now I can't find any MSI at a decent price in Europe, if you know any other brand with similar performance, I'd be very interested!



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    Its not about the model, its just with hynix memory. There asus with smasung and micron which are fine, also there EVGA with hynix which is the same as your asus. The only way is to avoid 3GB.
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    What about performance ? Well, surprise surprise...
    Asus has Hynix, got 15MH/s with no OC

    Started to crash with +400 memory clock. Low stock performance and becomes quickly instable. Avoid this model!


    Exactly the same for me, but with a MSI GTX 1060 3GB Aero ITX. Cannot even get +400 on memory without losing MHs. Stock will give ~15MHs, OC I finally managed to get even 19.6 for a brief period, but it's more like 18.5-19 (based on pool statistics, not local. I don't really care about local cause this doesn't matter if it doesn't reflect is real performance).

    I've noticed that locally I can even go as far as 19,5MH/s, but the real performance goes down to 16 or less.
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    I'm very new to mining (2days deep) so please excuse me hijacking your thread but I found a couple of noticeable differences with my card (EVGA 1060 OCX) My interest in mining is more around understanding the methodology and technology, but like most I'm always interested in bigger and better.

    I'm currently running Windows 10 Developer Preview, mining with a single GPU and have tried a couple of different mining applications, however yet to change OS. I plan on doing that this weekend.

    The first miner I used I was only able to yield 8-9MH - I feel this was due to a number of things
    ie: incorrect startup params etc.

    I changed to Claymore's Dual (in singlemode - ethereum only) and saw an improvement taking me to 15-16Mhs
    Using similar parameters (same params but modified to suit the application) I tried genoil which seemed to improve performance resulting in 17-18Mhs

    Can I ask what miner you are using and what parameters you are starting your miner with?
  • KlintistwoodKlintistwood Member Posts: 142
    I used ethminer (genoil), never tried others as my antivirus was always reporting me some nasty stuff in there (probably false positive but still annoying)
  • slaeyaslaeya New ZealandMember Posts: 12
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    Are you starting your ethminer with the "--cuda-streams" flag. If not can you try and let me know if it changes anything?

    ethminer.exe -U -S -O yourinfohere.minername --cuda-streams 10

    Also, can someone explain the fluctuations in this screenshot and is it something I should be concerned about?

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  • KlintistwoodKlintistwood Member Posts: 142
    setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0
    setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100
    ethminer -U -F --farm-recheck 2000 + wallet/mail/...
  • DjithBitDjithBit Member Posts: 40
    If any help..
    I mine with msi geforce gtx 1060 6gb oc v1
    Using claymore on nanopool.
    Settings afterburner core clock 0 mem clock +805
    Hashing 23Mh/s each stable no rejected shares.
    Fans 60% temp 58-60°C
  • KlintistwoodKlintistwood Member Posts: 142
    @DjithBit what's your room temperature? I started mining around 55°C stable but summer kicked in and room temperature raised. With current room temperature (Around 25°c) I'm now rather around 60°C.
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