DBIX Pool Sexy Questions

DirtyGoatsDirtyGoats Member Posts: 2
Good day all.
I'm currently mining DBIX using the DBIX.Pool.Sexy route. I'm currently mining with 4 - GTX1070 FE cards and in my CMD screen I see numbers fluctuating between 120 & 135mh/s. I've used both the Ethminer and ethminer stratum proxy and get the same results. Yet when I look at my pool account, I'm seeing the 30min average to be 105mh/s and then the 3hr average to be 110mh/s. So my first question is, which number is accurate (or most accurate)? Follow up question is there are currently 3 pools...how does one pick which would be the most efficient to mine?

Appreciate your time and responses.


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