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I've post this on bitcointalk, but it could help here also.

Lot of people asking how to mod RX bios. There are 2 ways the easy one and the proper one.
I will show you the easy way. This bios modding is easy for newbies.
[b]Undervolting will only work with Windows[/b] If you need undervolt bios for Linux you need to do the harder way. You can ask here, someone could make it for you. I know that Wolf0 can do it. - Bitcointalk

If you need help, buy me a beer I can help you. Write me on e-mail [email protected]

What I can offer:
  • Performance timings for all GPUs
  • Bios mod
  • Support

How To Mod Polaris Bios AMD RX 470/570/480/580

Polaris Bios Editor 1.4.1
Polaris Bios Editor 1.5
SRBPolaris Bios Editor
Pixel Clock Patcher

Check what memory vendor you have with GPU-Z. This is Samsung.

Download newest ATIWinFlash and save your bios.

Start Polaris Bios Editor or SRBPolaris. Open the bios.

Copy performance timing. For Samsung is best Uber-Mix 3.1. You can find it here http://www.overclock.net/t/1604567/polaris-bios-editing-rx5xx-rx4xx
First post -> RX Performance timings. It can be used for RX 470/570 and 480/580 4GB or 8GB. [b]Use it only for Samsung memory.[/b]
There are performance timings for all vendors Elpida, Hynix, Micron. You can google some of them also you can make your own. Basically it's just normal timing strap from card with tightening timings for better performance. It can be decode to values in SRBPolaris for example.
If you want good performance timings you can write to me.

Beware of space before the strap while you copying the Uber-Mix 3.1!

Copy it to 1750 and 2000. If you have more straps like this 1:xxxx 2:xxxx, you need to copy to the right one. In VRAM section, there is dropdown menu the Samsung one start with K, Hynix with H and Elpida with E. First one is 1:xxxx second one is 2:xxxx, SRBPolaris showing exact name of memory vendor.

You can higher or lower TDP if you want. Max memory clocks or vcore.

Do not put static voltages

Voltages like 65286 means they are dynamical for every card based on ASIC quality mostly. So you can flash the bios to all same cards (memory vendor) and it will work, every card will have similar voltages, some lower some higher.
The trick for easy undervolting is put lower values than it is. Voltages need to be equal or higher than the previous on.

Example from other forum how it could be

If you set clock in Afterburner or whatever you will se what voltages is that. Do not lower voltages too much in bios, you can always undervolt in Afterburner. Once you will know what voltages are stable you can put those dynamics values right for your card.

Also you can lower VDDC (VRM).
You can put values like 1000, 975, 950, lowering by -25mV. 975 and 950 should be stable on every cards, you can set 850 but this couldn't be stable. If you put lower voltages only to higher clocks it will always boot but in utilization it could be unstable.

There is lot more to change but this is basic and it's mostly enough what you need.
It's mainly meant to show you what is performance timings and how to do easy undervolt.

Save the bios and flash it with ATIWINFLASH
Load bios and click program. Your PC will freeze for few seconds so patiently wait!

[b]After flashing your card uninstall AMD drivers with DDU![/b]
Reboot and install new drivers and [url=https://www.monitortests.com/forum/Thread-AMD-ATI-Pixel-Clock-Patcher]Pixel Clock Patcher[/url] Without patch your card will have error 43!

[b]Memory OC and memory errors[/b]

Start miner or stability test.
Start with stock clocks than you can raise memory clocks by 10Mhz steps, every few seconds.
Download HWinfo64 and check for memory errors! Once you have some errors lower clocks a bit till there are no new. This clocks should be stable. After you find best memory clocks you can set core clocks (overclock or underclock) than you can try lowering voltages. Also you there shouldn't be artifacts!


Find your GPU and the GPU memory errors line. Watch it for numbers. If there are any after few minutes your memory clock is too high. If you have few errors after hours it's no problem. But key is to have 0 errors. [b]Memory errors can cause bad shares![/b]

With performance timings you can have 30-31MH/s with RX 470/570 and 31+MH/s with RX 480/580 (It could be 33+)
This is max you can have not every card can achieve it! Most cards can run above 28MH/s.

Quick video how the modding in PBE could be:

XMR: 800+H/s on 470/570/480/580, I don't know why, but 470 hashing more than 480
My XMR hashes with XMR-STAK-AMD
RX 470 Samsung 870H/s
RX 470 Elpida 835H/s
RX 480 Samsung 845H/s

SGminer GM 5.5.5
RX 470 Samsung 915H/s
RX 470 Elpida 890H/s
RX 480 Samsung 920H/s

My ETH hashes with Claymore (stock config)
RX 470 Samsung 30MH/s
RX 470 Elpida 29MH/s
RX 480 Samsung 31MH/s

Hope this could help someone, there are lot's of other tutorials and videos on youtube, but none of them what I saw used performance timings...

As I said if you need help, buy me a beer and I will help you.
My email: [email protected]

ETH: 0xA266f3158E84A70Cd2AD2cE9F0Da3143C0392A73
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This is my tutorial. It's not the best. I hope it's understandable and with no mistakes. Any tips for improvement appreciated!
I used some images from other forums.


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