R9 295X2 Overclock/Undervolt. Which OS?



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    @npittas excellent! saved the AC power. you could do the same with the VRM fan. just open the shroud (no deal at all) and get an extension so you can connect this one to the motherboard as well.

    setting the motherboard fan headers permanently you'll most likely find it in the bios.
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    Good news I was running my rig the first night without any crash and a significant increase of the Hashrate without doing anything except reducing the intensity of all cards from 8 to 5 in claymore. I also tried probably everything else except OC. Everything was unstable. I think I wont mod the bios. I am way too inexperienced and I could brick the cards.

    I post here now the same as in my other discussion but I think this might be helpful for lots of people struggling with these unforgiving system:

    So all in all: Window 10, Amd 16.12.2 driver. claymore newest version and lower the intensity.

    Temps are at 73/74 but it was the whole night stable
    Power draw 1950 I still need to undervolt.
    Using ASUS Z270 mobo
    3x 850 PSUs

    Now I have while dual mining 155 (so 25/26 per card) Mhs and 4600 on Decred

    Ah EDIT: and 1300 eth share and 2500 dcr shares. I dont know what that means but sounds good.

    Just one issue as I explained above.

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    Ok I can now use MSI afterburner as well YEAAAY the VGA port was the issue with mini hdmi its possible I receive a signal!!!!!

    Looks promising:

    I hope it will be stable I let it run for a couple of hours now. But looks good for now no errors, no lags no artefacts. MSI set 1 GPU (GPU2 in the pic on 1018 core clock. It start getting errors and crashes if I set it to 1060. But its fine for me ;)
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    congrats! now don't touch and just let it run for a week. good luck!
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    i just read all the comment in here.
    so someone please confirm this. if we mine using Radeon R9 295X2
    so we can only run 3 X Radeon R9 295X2 on a single motherboard?
    and also need tou buy 3 unit of power supply?
  • David047David047 Member Posts: 221
    Don't buy the 750 or 850s. Buy rather two1300. After 1 month mining I had cable melting on each of my 295s and don't buy the msi board it will break as well.
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    Is possible I did here is my rig:
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    excellent job! what mainboard do you use to get all 4 running? any luck modding the bios of the cards?
  • David047David047 Member Posts: 221
    Man 4 of those how the hell did managed to do that? No bios still @MacHaus
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