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I’ve noticed a few posts about finding materials on how to learn to write smart contracts. I relate to a lot of these situations as I was in the exact situation. I found it hard to find a good collection of resources for an aspiring ethereum developer. I know there are the docs, but I found the lack of courses or well-presented materials dishearting.

I’m curious am I the only one or are there others like me?

Are you an Aspiring Solidity Programmer? If you are, please comment. What was your first project and what tools did you use?


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    @brdtrpp, I'm an active Solidity developer and have been here during its early development and so have a historical knowledge and experience with all it's nuances.

    Consensys is starting its academy shortly which will offer 10 week courses and an opportunity to work for Consensys themselves if they're impressed enough.

    I know how you feel about the current state of resources, but I assure you it's much easier now than say a year ago. the knowledge base on in particular is much greater and many programming problems have solutions there.

    There are numerous Gitter channels worth joining though I personally don't find the IM format particularly conducive to leaning.

    The Solidity docs themselves are generally well maintained from version to version and a definitely required reading from cover to cover so to speak.

    Solidity on its own can be deceptively simple and can lead to troubles if it's written without a complete understanding of the EVM itself. The official specification for the Ethereum consensus protocol, i.e, the 'Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)' is Gavin Wood's Yellow Paper, which is also required reading. It's heavy in discreet maths but well worth digesting over time, even if you don't know much discreet maths, it makes for a good inspiration to learn it.

    Studying other code is obviously advised and there are numerous patterns and anti-patterns which are now well documented. Study the broken contracts, such as TheDAO and understand where they went wrong. Some of those historic anti-patterns have now been mitigated by later version of Solidity though syntaxes not fully depreciated so pays to be aware of what they were and what replaced them.

    Enough for now. Feel free to bring up questions and discuss projects here. As a mod, I'd like to see a lot more development focus for this forum and am happy to support new dev's here when time permits.
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