help picking PSU - 6x1080 TI

boxerbobbyboxerbobby Member Posts: 2

could you guys please help me to choose then right PSU for that configuration .How much the minimum watt i should aim for?
Do you think EVGA SuperNOVA G2 1600 1600W 331€ or
Corsair Professional Series Titanium 1500W 423€ will also work?
if not i guess i will have to go 2 x PSU ?!? If so wich one?

6 x 1080 TI
6 x Riser

CPU: Intel Pentium G4400, 2x 3.30GHz, boxed (1151)
RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury blue DIMM 8GB, DDR3-1600, CL10
SSD: SanDisk Plus 120GB, SATA Interface: SATA 6Gb/s • Read: 530MB/s • Write: 400MB/s


  • Dave2kDave2k Member Posts: 46
    1200 Watt Seasonic Prime Modular 80+ Platinum is what i use, and i think the 1080TI would work with that also. Im not sure though, but im guessing, that reducing the power limit would reduce the power draw to sub 1200.

    Im curious, can you explain why you want to buy 6x 1080TI. For that cost, you could buy 2.5 rigs with 480/580s. For reference: a P100 with 16GB RAM does do 68,5 MH/s at stock, i would assume, that the 1080 is somewhere similar(?).
  • BUTUZBUTUZ Member Posts: 139 ✭✭
    1080ti uses about 250 watt per card as stock. Never run your PSU at 100% load long term, so 6 1080ti on a 1600w evga should run at approx. 1500w which is too high for me, you'd want to optimise a bit, if you set power usage to 90% you'll immediately cut that down to 1320w without losing much hashrate. If you cut power usage to 80% it'll cut it down to about 1200w and lose a bit of hashrate.

    all figures are approx. based on my experiments with 1080ti.

    Good luck and have fun!
  • Dave2kDave2k Member Posts: 46

    I have a few 1080 Ti's for other purposes, I can tell you they get ~ 32 MH. So its not worth the extra cost if you are just using it for Ethereum mining.

    This Post states that a 1080TI does 32MH/s. It would be insane to buy them for mining.
  • BUTUZBUTUZ Member Posts: 139 ✭✭
    Eth isn't the only thing to mine, infact I'd have to question why your mining eth at all given the horrific difficulty. Say you mined Zcash with them, you'd find that theyre one of the best cards you can buy. 717sols per TI here compared to 300sols per RX480... really it depends how much space you got do you want lots of smaller cards or a few bigger cards?
  • lablettlablett Member Posts: 317 ✭✭
    I'm not going to debate what you want to mine but I would recommend two PSU's I tend to over spec my power and in your case I would recommend 2 x AX1200i. Then use a Add2PSU to connect the two power supplies. Just check the forums for the power draw on these cards, when they are mining and undervolted. Considering the cost of the cards I would just get the AX1500i x 2.
  • boxerbobbyboxerbobby Member Posts: 2
    hi and thanks for your replies!

    You guys are right, i guess if i am going with 1080TI i need to mine diffrent coins :(

    i just hope that [b]1600W will be enough[/b]
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