Sapphire rx570 4GB Flashing problem

sup2266sup2266 Member Posts: 2

I am trying to flash my RX 570 Sapphire 4GB.
I made a copy of the original BIOS with GPU-Z.
Opened it with SRBP Polaris Bios editor and copied 1500 strap to higher clocks.
Saved it.
Flashed my GPU with atiwinflash.

After reboot the GPU is recognized by windows but error 43.
AMD drivers doesnt recognize it.

I tryed installing/uninstalling drivers before/after flash but no diference. (17.5.2 and 17.4.3)

After I flash back the original BIOS with default straps everything is working fine again.
Any idea where I am making mistake?


  • thiccthicc Member Posts: 17
    Same issue here, apparently you can't bios mod with the latest drivers.. another problem is that my system won't let me install any previous driver other than 17.x so no BIOS mod for me.
  • GPUmangoGPUmango Member Posts: 1
    Try deleting all the drivers using the AMD tool and DDU (display Driver uninstaller). Restart then only install 16.9.2 or whatever. I had probs with my 570 but 580 works just fine, getting 30+ each. 480 on amazon and ebay $400+ WHAT!
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