Motherboard Issues

NorCoinNorCoin Member Posts: 5
Hi Everyone,

I'm having some significant issues, and wanted to reach out for assistance.

I've previously built 6 5-card rigs on Windows 10 with no issues. Mix of 470's, 570's, and 480's and never had an issue.

I picked up supplies to make another 5 5-card rigs, and every single one has issues. I have 3 ASRock Pro3+ boards (which three of my previous rigs used without issues) and 2 Gigabyte GA-F2A88X-D3HP's of which I have two. Both previously have not had any issues.

Installed Windows on each without issue, one card in x16 slot to install AMD drivers. I generally will use Teamviewer to allow remoting in after I swap all the cards to risers. The Pro3+ have two x16 slots on the end so they don't block the x1 slots, but the Gigabyte ones I generally put all 5 on x1 USB risers.

This time I've attempted to do all 5 just like I've done every time in the past with no success. Most of the boards see between 2-3 cards, not all five. I've tried mixing and matching different risers (complete, not just switching cords, x16 mounts or x1 adapters) and where one will not work in one slot, if it's moved to an adjacent slot it will work fine.

I know that these would work fine in theory, because I have five already running with no issues, and setup was never an issue before. I am running FM2 A4-7400 CPUs but I have those with the other boards as well, and they should accept up to 32 PCIe channels.

I'm going to attempt to update the BIOS tonight and see if that works, but does anyone have any experiences like this?


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