Miner Stopped Working - Need Help

MrN1ce9uyMrN1ce9uy Member Posts: 186 ✭✭
After attempting to change clock speeds using commands in the .bat of claymore dual miner, my system has been acting weird and not working properly. It will begin to work, but soon after the screen flashed black a few times and then Windows restarts. Also, no AMD GPUs will show up after it does that. I have reinstalled drivers and Windows multiple times and the problem persists.

Any advice? What could have happened?

Windows 10 64-bit
Celeron G1840
Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 7
EVGA 850 B2
2x RX 480 4GB
2x RX 470 4GB
Claymore Dual Miner


  • BluesunBluesun Member Posts: 18
    Did you change the clock speeds back to stock?

    Did you change the voltages at any point? If so, by how much?

    When does the black scree occur? Once you start mining, or just after a set amount of time once Windows finishes loading?
  • MrN1ce9uyMrN1ce9uy Member Posts: 186 ✭✭
    I changed no voltage using the .bat, only -cclock 1150 -mclock 1850

    I believe I had MSI Afterburner open, don't remember the settings but probably stock except fan curve.

    With Afterburner I tend to undervolt as much as it allows -100mv

    Everything at stock would still cause the issue.

    I had modded BIOS but not changed the mod since they were working for weeks, nothing crazy.

    It could be the driver updating. I restored all cards to original BIOS and everything is working fine for now. Hopefully I can get modded BIOS working again with the help of the link provided above. At this point I'm just happy it's mining at all.

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