accidentally sent NEM to Ethereum Wallet.. DoH!

Hi guys
I'm relatively new at this stuff .. bought some ETH a while ago but only recently set up MyEtherWallet.. so i was moving some coin around and mistakenly sent NEM/XEM to my ether wallet address!! it's gone from the exchange i was using and transaction has been confirmed but it's not showing up in my ether wallet (obviously)... any advice on how i can find my NEM would be MUCH appreciated... thanks


  • kdskamalkdskamal Member Posts: 4
    There is no way to recover your NEM. This is how it works. Same would have happened if you had sent BTC -> NEM wallet or vice versa. Be careful in future and good luck.
  • ForceliteForcelite Member Posts: 23
    I'm sure this is obvious to some, but if one digit is off on an ether address does that mean the ether is lost? The sender loses it from their account and the receiver of course doesn't get it. This seems like an issue that could have been corrected with some type of error check for a proper ether address . I know some cryptos have error checking.
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