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Hi... ive try different driver, win7 or win10, not changing anything.. still have this shitty hashrate of 3.1... sometimes it goes over 9mh but drop back to 1.5 than after 3mh.. even if Overclocked or stock.. this pc have been build for gaming but now than im really interest into mining for about couples weeks.. its really pissing me off.. so im mining zcash for 26mh.. instead of zcash cause its suck ass with my gpus...

If anyone have tips to make me getting a decent hashrate, it would be more than appreciate!

Im using claymore miner on ethermine pool..

Thank you!


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    I have one too. That's just what you get with that card. Nvidia 9xx series are not good for mining ETH. Mine something else.
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    If you haven't already, try downgrading your nvidia drivers to 347.52. If your miner doesn't find your card you'll probably have to install the CUDA toolkit also:

    This got my 970 from 4-5 mh/s up to 18ish. Good luck.

    Edit: Forgot to mention this was on windows 7. No luck on windows 10. A lot of trouble to through for one card, honestly.
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