AMD R9 280x ETH mining low hash rate Problem

DonCoreRADonCoreRA Posts: 4Member
Hey together
I have the following problem. I have several r9 280x from Sapphire and Asus. My cards deliver only between 13-14 Mh / s. The Rig`s run under Win 8.1. AMD driver is 15.12 and the miner is the Claymore miner. I have already tried a lot but I come to no solution.
has someone an idea for me? Would be very grateful.

PS: I come from the schweitz .. excuse me my English


  • memichmemich Posts: 9Member
    That is realistic hashrate for r9 280x at the moment. It had bigger hashrate a year ago (19 mh/s or more), but now it's decreased because .DAG file increased in size, and it has 3GB memory - the ethash (Ethereum algorithm) is processed much slower on it than it used to be before.
  • DonCoreRADonCoreRA Posts: 4Member
    Thanks for the answer @memich .
    I have now read in the GPU Z the memory utilization. With the R9 280X, however, only 2070MB is loaded.
    She should be faster.
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