UPS for my Rig with 6 Sapphire RX 470

eliox6eliox6 Member Posts: 5
I am planning to buy a UPS for my rig with 6 sapphire RX 470. How much VA should be UPS in order to handle this rig?


  • drRobertdrRobert Member Posts: 35
    Why you need that? i think it need around 900 watt continue, but usually ups can give you power for just 5-10 minutes, if you running into pool you don't have problem if sometime your power off, not same if you running private (usually your pool pc must be have ups for also 1 day (rasberry 3 ?)).
    You can also build different solution a power generator with couple of battery just time to put online, but all system it is so expensive for just one rig, also you don't need it.
  • eliox6eliox6 Member Posts: 5
    I need the UPS to handle the power when in case it goes off and to protect my Rig from power failure because cards can be damaged in some cases. So, what's the best solution in this case? Sorry but i am new to mining and i really appreciate any help :)
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