Undervolt a GTX 1060

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To undervolt a GTX 1060 whilst mining ETH, simply drop the power limit, and up the clock. Using MSI Afterburner.

Monitor voltage with GPU-z

Overclock the memory. +1000, no worries. 18mhs becomes 23mhs (always overclock 1060 memory - for gaming too. One hundred percent free performance)

At most with power and clock work, you will get 24 MH/s out of a GTX 1060, but this comes at a cost of ~140 at the wall (gross, small haswell system)

The ideal for a 1060 is 23.4mhs.

Power limit 65, with a clock setting around +140, will drop the voltage to 0.78v, and wattage at the wall to ~105

I am unable to acheive such mhs per watt with my Sapphire Nitro+ 470 4gb

Random combinations of clock and power settings can yield undesired volts/power draw, or crashes

Based on gtx 1060 WIndforce OC 3gb. Similar results on EVGA SC mini itx 3gb.
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