Was wondering if is it possible to launch a DDoS attack on a dApp?

qmtieqmtie Posts: 2Member
Was wondering if is it possible to launch a DDoS attack on a dApp?


  • o0ragman0oo0ragman0o Posts: 1,251Member, Moderator mod
    @qmite DAPP being a 'Decentralised Application' existing on all nodes means there is no single service to DDOS.

    If however the front-end is hosted on a server then that server might be DDoS'd but front-ends should be designed as client only and not need such hosting. This will be more secure once front-ends are stored on Swarm and linked to in the contract metadata.

    There are a few bridges such as Meta-mask/Infura which serve the Consensys nodes to the public internet which might conceivably be a DDoS target but that doesn't break the DAPP only those clients relying on the Infura service.
  • qmtieqmtie Posts: 2Member
    @o0ragman0o Thanks for your reply,
    I understand your notes, but maybe I misexplained myself,
    I meant using ethereum blockchain to make a DDoS attack with a dApp
  • o0ragman0oo0ragman0o Posts: 1,251Member, Moderator mod
    The contracts themselves have no knowledge of the world outside their own state memory. Neither can they enact anything apart from changing their own state or call another contract. The world outside has to spoon feed them and act on whatever state interests them. Maybe there's scope for CnC but the bots themselves would need to be offchain in order to interact with whatever they're trying to DDoS.

    But I think you're perhaps misunderstanding the decentralised/distributed nature of Ethereum. It is still just a singlton computer. All code is run sequentially, not in parallel so there's no multiplying factors that are generally required for a DDoS attack.
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