funded with bitcoin 2 times shows successfully both times. but only first 80eth credited second not

I have purchased two times 80 ETH by bitcoins. First one transaction credited in my ETH wallet. But second ETH transaction of 80 ETH did not come in wallet. Also hash scan is showing only one transaction of only 80 eth.

i give you transaction hash code of that transaction which was not confirmed

which is confirmed for 80 ETH link of hash is

my wallet address:- 0x4aa8B525701F3fEb959ceCE6D66EcDEca32D593c
pls find the attachment and solve the issue.


  • harry1980harry1980 Member Posts: 2
    edited March 2017

    following transaction did not credited in my wallet:

    I have also mailed on but no one answer. I dont know what to do now how i can get my 80 ethereum which i have paid for
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