Radeon RX480 (8GB) brands and models help

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Please miners i need your help. I want to start my rig and i'm confused about various model and brands of RADEON RX480 (8GB). I have already everything but one week i'm searching for the best graphic cards. I want to start with two and soon when i learm how the system work i'll buy other 4.
To start... Which brand is better? Xfx or shapphire or asus or msi or gigabyte?
And every brand have 3-4 different models (that i can find in Greece).
XFX have 4 models that are: RX-480P8LFB6 - RX-480M8BFA6 - RX-480P8DBA6 - RX-480P8DFA6
Sapphire: 11260-20-20G - 11260-10-20G - 11260-01-20G - 11260-07
Msi: RX 480 ARMOR 8G OC - RX 480 GAMING X 8G
Asus: 90YV09I2-M0NA00 - 90YV09K1-M0NA00 - 90YV09K0-M0NA00
Gigabyte: GV- RX480G1 GAMING-8GD - GV-RX480WF2-8GD

The prices are from 226 euros to 306 euros.

Please help me. I want to start soon because i belive that i'm in love with Ethereum!!!


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    Sapphire: 11260-20-20G...30MH
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    edited March 2017
    So one tip NEVER BUY ASUS STRIX 480 8G thwy are 90% micron shit cant more then 27mh ... 5 friends got at differnt time from 18 to 20 counts and all were micron absolute shit...
    I have xfx 470 4 gb freat cards all are elpida,i have nitro 4gb 470 aswell good one aswell.Recently got an asua 480 4 gb white version which also inpreased me how cold it can be compared to nitro :)
    Also if u willing to buy armor ONLY 470 4 GB :) and msi gaming x 4 gb the 8GB versions are micron especiall gaming x - 100% micron , the armor is a bit lower rate but still a lot are micron.

    About Gigabyte the 4gb Are softly said awsome .The 8gb version of G1 ,WF2 absolute tragedy a lot of people i know got 3/5 not working BRAND NEW FROM SHOP,Other one 3/4 - 7-10 .So dont ever buy 8gb giga :)
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    -Msi: RX 480 ARMOR 8G OC - RX 480 GAMING X 8G - Micron?
    -Sapphire: 11260-20-20G - Micron?
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