Mining on pool... Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

FrankGFrankG Member Posts: 1

I'm a noob at mining, to be honest. Been busy for a few days setting up a miner and I sort of have the idea that it's started working... But I don't see any balance anywhere after two days.

Ethminer has started working with command ethminer.exe -F -G and it seems to be doing well; it shows this:

miner 23:41:06.035|main Mining on PoWhash #34153ca1 : 18266154 H/s = 9699328 hashes / 0.531 s miner 23:41:06.567|main Mining on PoWhash #34153ca1 : 18266154 H/s = 9699328 hashes / 0.531 s miner 23:41:06.598|main Got work package: miner 23:41:06.598|main Header-hash: ac9e208f6e176341d3493ad43fc73434a27a53edb0b185d5e5008056753b72c3 miner 23:41:06.598|main Seedhash: ff48985a57d27d8fa945ac9a569c090ff85bf96935ecb96cfeecc47d26902db3 miner 23:41:06.598|main Target: 00000000dbe6fecebdedd5beb573440e5a884d1b2fbf06fcce912adcb8d8422e i 23:41:06.629|gpuminer0 workLoop 1 #ff48985a #ff48985a miner 23:41:07.160|main Mining on PoWhash #ac9e208f : 18324629 H/s = 9437184 hashes / 0.515 s miner 23:41:07.692|main Mining on PoWhash #ac9e208f : 17278794 H/s = 9175040 hashes / 0.531 s

But... When I check my wallet, nothing, when I check my wallet on, nothing. It's been busy for nearly two days now.

Does anyone know if I'm missing something big time here?

Thanks a lot in advance...



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