Vlad Zamfir‏ wants to reduce miner reward by factor of 4 to disenfranchise miners

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Shall we expand our mining for ETH?

Vlad Zamfir said: If the price of ether stays high, I really hope the Ethereum community considers slashing block rewards by at least a factor of 4.


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    I hope he kindly fucks off this idea. A good way to make eth lose interest is for it to bleed miners who will dump their coins for more profitable coins

    Terrible idea who even is this guy he's only popped up in the past few months.
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    ...who even is this guy he's only popped up in the past few months.

    Umm... Vlad is an Ethereum founder who is the architect of Casper PoS of which Ethereum was always going to migrate to. He's kind of up there with Vitalik himself.

    Given that Ethereum was always intended to be a PoS chain, miners with too much financial incentive and power will no doubt attack that transition and quite possibly by legalistic attacks upon central persons such as himself. You only have to look at the Bitcoin shit fight going down to see how messy that get. At least Ethereum can have on chain governance rather than signed 'industry letters' to agree on a chain (WAT?!).

    The Ice Age was suppose to be the transition mechanism to PoS in which the mining difficulty ramps up exponentially to the point where PoW is the less economically rational choice. I'm not entirely sure of it's current state or even if its been delayed indefinitely.

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    That's not completely right i think, Vlad is not a founder, he joined later, and he's working on a PoS implementation, but he is not the architect of Casper, that's Vitalik's PoS implementation. They imagine PoS differently a bit.

    For the block reward debate, please vote here all of you:
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