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I know I'm late but I and want to build a rig supporting 6 GPU (RX480 8GB). The popular H81 pro BTC, H97 anniversary and B85 anniversary boards which have multiple PCI-E x1 slots are hard to find so what are my alternatives?. I have read that people have problems running all 6 GPUs on the Z170 so would the H270/Z270 be an option?

Suggestions are welcome.

for example:


Thanks in advance, proaff


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    you have to get 4 pci mobo and get :
    PCI-E 1X to 3 Port 1X Switch Multiplier Expander HUB Riser Card + USB Cable

    from deutschland ?
    some france website will have it next week , but i check it s 30€ to send in europe country and h81 btc pro 2.0 is about 85€ ... :sweat_smile:
    so may be better to get expensive mobo (z97 gaming 5 , z170,etc)

    you are not late ... and don't get shy with PSU get platinium , yeah it cost ,but you will have price back with lower conso, and better quality and life duration

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    Hi and thanks for the fast reply.

    The motherboards I linked all have 4 PCI-E x1 and 2 PCI-E x16 slots. Is that adapter necessary or can I just use 6 pieces of risers to connect the GPUs? From what I understand, the risers can be connected to PCI-E x1 and PCI-E x16 ?

    to answer your question: I'm from Finnland but I'm also part german ;)
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    if you have 6xpci-e you dont need splitter extender , just riser you post over , get this model ver005 or ver006, this ver002 sux , you have some of them with volt regulator but hard to find. if you are not hurry to get them buy it now from china

    AND be careful with z170 or other, i read lot of times people have difficulty to read more than 4 gpu's with it ...
    so verify if there is issue and/or solution , you can search on this forum for that

    edit : check here risers and get 7 or 8 may be some have default , it better to have 1 or 2 more in case of, the price is better than all scammer sell it for 10€ on different website ..
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    Thanks alot for the advice.

    The z170 seems to be cheaper than the Z97 so unless I find the H81 Pro Btc 2, I'll have to figure out which one works best with 6 GPUs.

    BTW, which website did you find the h81 at? Also any opinion on the Biostar TB250?

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    you are welcome, i don't know biostar , i don't find it in france , i send you a pm for mobo site
    then don't forget to have good PSU 1200 or 1300w not only 1000 (hx1200i and evga are good) get a high end one ^^
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    Heard latest batch of z170 works with 6 GPUs. Check with you supplier before buying
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    @yodi on which mobo the PCI-E 1X to 3 Port 1X Switch Multiplier Expander HUB Riser Card is working for you? I tried on Asus H81M PLUS and can't make it working stable. I assume not all mobos will support the bridge. Do you have experience with it?
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