Trying to import json backup

A couple of years ago I became quite interested in Bitcoin, and bought a small amount. And it was through this that I heard about Ethereum and joined the pre-sale with a very small amount as a bit of a punt. I received a backup json file and was told I'd receive something a few months later. I don't recall receiving anything (it may have gone into my spam folder) but had the backup file stored safely so I never really thought much more about it.
Just a few days ago I read on Coindesk about the hike in the price of Ether so I checked my wallet amount and now it is quite a substantial amount!
I wanted to make sure I still have access to it. So I downloaded and installed Ethereum Wallet on my computer. I tried importing the json backup file, but it asks for a password! Oh dear!
I have a good idea what base words I probably would have used, and would have added some other filler numbers / symbols etc. but I'm not sure what length the system would have demanded the password to be etc.
Can anyone advise me what the criteria for the password would have been (e.g. minimum n chars, Capitals, symbols, numbers?)

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