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Excuse me i m a true noob to ETH and i really need some help.
Someone stole my laptop with my Mist wallet inside and i would like to recover it in my new laptop.

Unfortunately i ve only got the public adress and the password noted on a piece of paper as i was bulglarized
and "they" stoled also my backup HDD and USB key where was a backup of the wallet.

There's also something strange noted on that piece of paper: a mnemonic phrase ...
I don t know if it belongs to the wallet or something else maybe another wallet
(but as far as i know Mist doesn t work with any mnemonic phrase or something like that and
i don t remember using another wallet than Mist for my ETH)...
From what i understand, i think i'm screwed.

I really loved ETH and the concept, and i've got no more money to invest in.
Please help me (i can reward the person who help me if necessary)
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