Unable to unlock account

ribariba Posts: 5Member
I am using Ubuntu for mining and I created an account about a year ago with geth (no idea which version) and mined some ether to it. Since then I reinstalled and updated geth several times and now I am not able to unlock this account to send mined ether to my new wallet.
I tried fresh install of geth 1.5.4 and just copy the keystore file - I can see the accoutnt in the geth console and I also see correct balance but I am still not able to unlock it. I also tried to install geth on different Ubuntu machine, downloaded the whole blockchain but no luck.

How can I unlock this account? Do I need to use older version of geth?


  • bitmasterbitmaster Posts: 2Member
    It would be nice if people could actually get help around here eh! I can't access my account either, and I receive a password error on my etherwallet.com that says: Invalid password. Error: Decoded key mismatch - possibly wrong passphrase. For my 99% sure of password! Any other password receives a: Invalid password. Error: unable to decrypt data. Any ideas or experience with this?
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