Can't see my ETH on the ethereum wallet!

dmichaeldmichael Posts: 1Member
I am a big newb so bear with me and please help. I own a bunch of Bitcoin and I bought Ethereum with it on an exchange a long while ago. I downloaded the Ethereum wallet and moved my ethereum there on my desktop. After I set up the wallet with a password and a backup I noticed my Ethereum wouldn't show up if I just "launched application", I had to download the blockchain and become a node. No big deal, this didn't take so long. But I forgot about for a while. Now it downloads very slow at about 15,000-20,000/day and there are hundreds of thousands to download. It might take over a month to download. So how can I get my ethereum out of there or at least see it in my wallet? Thanks!


  • ciprianptciprianpt Posts: 170Member ✭✭
    I had the same problem while a go.. first backup your key etc.. delete your wallet (local, roaming), once everything is deleted get the latest version and install it, do no create an account just skip the registration part, when wallet is synced copy backup of "keystore" folder to appdata/roaming/ethereum.

    If sync is still slow, close mist and download geth from here, install it and start it, it will perform a fasters sync in some cases, it worked with me!

    Do you have a SSD on your computer?
  • maartenmaarten Posts: 6Member
    you may consider using another wallet that directly taps in to the ethereum network. Try MetaMask (chrome plug-in) or ETH wallet (app on your smartphone)
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