How to interact between geth and mist?

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I know that mist is the gui of geth and geth represent the real node of client.
here i have a question is that:
when i use geth to construct a contract named greeter1,
then i type eth.getCode(greeter1.address) in web3 i can directly get the greeter1's address.
But when i use mist to construct a contract named greeter2,
then i use geth to type eth.getCode(greeter2.address), i can't directly get the greeter2's address in web3.
and i use var "greeter2 = eth.contract(greeter2's abi).at(greeter2's contractaddress)" in web3 then i can get the address.
isn't the mist just a gui of geth?
why i can't directly get the contract's address from geth after using mist contruct the contract?
Isn't the abi just used between node from node, why in the same node i should use abi?
please help to correct me, thank you all!


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