ICO Consultant / Specialist

bizbizmobibizbizmobi Posts: 12Member
Hello, Can anyone recommend a specialist or consultant who can lead us to an ICO (Planning, communication, marketing, ... ? Thanks


  • RFVenterRFVenter AustalasiaPosts: 7Member
    The reason that Ether is going down at the moment is because of all the ICO sales. These organizations are raising ETH to pay for their operations so after they get the ETH, they are selling it on the market. All of this ETH selling is pushing the market down temporarily. BUT this is necessary as these organization are materializing the utility of the Ethereum project. They are the ones doing with Ethereum what it's meant to do. There is also now a fund focusing on all of these ICO offers. This fund is investing in a diversified basket of ICO tokens and making a good profit. Its very interesting. Have a look: https://rfventer.github.io/icofund.html. If you need advice contact me directly on msg@rfv.io
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