Alpereum Pool Monitor - Free Android app

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Alpereum Pool Monitor

Simple application for checking stats of your miners on mining pool.


App shows information from official API (, if you want more information in the application and is provided in API, please, write us. We can add.

- Current Hashrate (MH/s)
- Average Hashrate (MH/s)
- Balance
- Already paid
- Workers count
- Last seen time in seconds
- Date of last seen
- Chart of hashrate
- Chart of workers

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


  • jupiterjupiter Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for the great work. Really nice interface. Is there a chance to get an app for ios? I switched over to alpereum some days ago and will definitely stay since their support is crazy. Hope we can grow all together
  • buffybuffy Member Posts: 101 ✭✭
    thx. with apple it is little bit difficult. But I hope we will public our apps in apple store soon (end of year?). We have first commercial orders for ios devices and we will test our source on iphones. If everything will be ok, we will public all our apps in apple store.

    we also successfully tested windows phones, but there is no inquiry and we stopped developing and testing for this platform.
  • jupiterjupiter Member Posts: 9
    Thx for the update. I will check the app on android asap and give u feedback! Thx for u r work
  • densetsdensets Member Posts: 69
    its a really great pool. as soon as zcash stops being more profitable ill return to alpereum :)
  • BitcoinSuisseAGBitcoinSuisseAG Baar, Zug, SwitzerlandMember Posts: 37
    Buffy - we've tasked one of our DEV's to provide you with exactly the services/service extensions, you'll require - for the features you envision for your App.

    We'd also like to open discussions with you, on some features which we would like to see included in the App, to best match the client requests, we have been getting. Implementing these will of course be rewarded from our side.

    You will hear from us directly on these topics, next week.

    /Niklas Nikolajsen - Alpereum
  • buffybuffy Member Posts: 101 ✭✭
    thx. let me know result. we can talk about functions.
  • Tbone5660Tbone5660 Member Posts: 75
    Any upcoming updates?
  • buffybuffy Member Posts: 101 ✭✭
    edited January 8
    yes. we will add worker list. any more suggestions? only few people use this app. we have no feedback. thx for msg
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  • Tbone5660Tbone5660 Member Posts: 75
    buffy said:

    yes. we will add worker list. any more suggestions? only few people use this app. we have no feedback. thx for msg

    Worker stats and share count would be nice.
  • buffybuffy Member Posts: 101 ✭✭
    edited February 21
    Here is it!

    Alpereum Monitor 1.2.1

    - workers list added
    - payments added
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