Arduino to remotely reset a crashed miner

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I have set up an Arduino (Arduino Uno + Ethernet Shield + Relay Shield) to remotely reset crashed miners. At a crashed state, no software can be executed and no remote connection (using TeamViewer, Remote Desktop) is stablished.

The relays control the "Reset SW" on the motherboard to allow the hard reset of any of the machines by setting the appropriate relay to "high". The arduino can be accessed from the network via .html (using a internet browser) to change the state of the relays. This setup is for 4 relays but it can also be implemented with more relays (Enclosure won't fit though)

The issue is discussed here: The code was taken from:

Enclosure to be printed in a 3D Printer

Video example: (The setup in this video however, stack the components in Arduino + Relay + Ethernet order)


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