XFX RX480 Bios-mod



  • cosmoscosmos Member Posts: 2
    @asderq how could one configure a P8DFA6 similarly with Wattman, without flashing a custom BIOS? I understand that this way I can not modify memory straps, but OTOH this is also a gaming rig.. Any info will be appreciated.
  • wobblewoowobblewoo Member Posts: 1
    So ive got XFX RX480 8Gb Cards (RX480P8LFB6) and these mods are not making any difference.

    Windows 10 64, Driver Version (Crimson 16.9.1)

    On stock settings i get 26.9 and after modding i get 26.9. Ive even resave the Bios from the card to make sure it uploaded properly. Im using Claymore miner bat file 'EthDcrMiner64.exe -benchmark 1'

    I edit the BIOS:
    Change the 0:2000 timings VALUE to be the same as 0:1750
    Edit the memory to be 2150 Mhz (was 2000)
    Edit the GPU Mhz to be:
    300Mhz - 850mV (was 800)
    608Mhz - 900mV (was 65282)
    910Mhz - 950mV (was 65283)
    1077Mhz - 975mV (was 65284)
    1145Mhz - 1000mV (was 65285)
    1191MHz - 1025mV (was 65286)
    1240MHz - 1035mV (was 1236 & 65287)
    1245MHz - 1025mv (was 1288 & 65288)

    Can anyone help?
  • dracu02dracu02 Member Posts: 3
    I just bought a XFX RX-480P4JFC6 and i started mining with nanopool. And its only mining 15Mhs. Any Bios for this model? Or which parameter should i modify?? Please
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