New Mining Farm - 60x RX480 XFX 8GB GTR cards

ZiljZilj Posts: 61
Hey guys,

quick intro to my new mining farm setup coming, should be up and running in about 2 weeks, here is my intro video if you want to follow progress please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Most people here are already pretty computer savvy, but will also be doing step by step on building rigs/bios modding cards etc..

Starting with 10 rigs for Phase 1, adding an additional 5 if amps for home use permits, built a dedicated rack for it etc..

Phase 2 will be housed at an office space with phase 3 power and running another 30-40 rigs in the next couple of months.

Intro Video -


  • ZiljZilj Posts: 61
    Part 2 guys, how to build a mining rig -

    We will be live in 48 hours with the 10 rig setup/60x cards.
  • ZiljZilj Posts: 61
    Part 3 Mining Farm is Live!! Mining EXP at the current price + Also description how to get your Zcash optimal with restart scripts and windows restart timer -
  • ZiljZilj Posts: 61
    Thanks :) BTW guys with current 5.0 version of claymore Zcash miner, RX480 is showing up to 120H/s, averaging 100H/s from the pools side.

    Next videos will be how to bios flash a card/how to change settings in wattman/how to setup Ethereum miner for ETH or ETC, How to setup EXP mining (Ethash same as ETH/ETC), how to setup Zcash miner
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