How do I recover an account?

AlwaysSunnyAlwaysSunny Posts: 14Member
I reset my computer to factory settings to clear up space, and a while ago I printed backups of my accounts, so I have the keys, but how do I upload those accounts onto my new Mist Wallet? I had ether and DAO tokens on them.. so kind of important. Thank you!


  • roninronin Posts: 25Member
    By "printed backups" what exactly do you mean? Did you print your private and public using myetherwallet?
  • AlwaysSunnyAlwaysSunny Posts: 14Member
    @ronin As in: I went to ~/Library/Ethereum/keystore and printed my two accounts (the UTC files)
  • roninronin Posts: 25Member
    You have to save the files not print them.
  • AlwaysSunnyAlwaysSunny Posts: 14Member
    @ronin not totally true, in the docs it said you can print them
  • roninronin Posts: 25Member
    How to actually back up from

    You want to store the keystore files in multiple locations & multiple physical locations. Keep in mind, you must prevent loss of both the keystore file and password due to loss or failure of you hard drive, USB drive, or whatever method you are using to back up. You also must keep in mind physical loss / damage of an entire area (think fire or flood).

    I store my backups in three places: (1) On my computer. (2) On a USB in my apartment but in a different room than my computer. (3) On a USB at my parent's house. My primary / cold storage wallet is a paper wallet which is printed, but there is no paper option directly from Mist.

    This way if my house burns down, I still have my accounts. If my HDD crashes, I still have my accounts.

    If you do want a paper option, you can import your Mist keystore file into MyEtherWallet (running offline/locally, see #5 here). Follow those instructions and use the View Wallet Info tab in order to access your Mist wallet and then print a paper version.

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