Why so slow / inconsistent

Needed to rebuild the server that ran my geth instance (fortunately I had the keys saved in case of unexpected pain). So I'm in the middle of re-downloading and it's taking a ridiculously long time

I0928 13:03:47.762798 core/blockchain.go:971] imported 2048 block(s) (0 queued 0 ignored) including 12423 txs in 39m51.374743977s. #1940827 [3b9ac00d / a7072d09]
14:21:04.444677 core/blockchain.go:971] imported 1966 block(s) (0 queued 0 ignored) including 13749 txs in 1h17m16.661255384s. #1942793 [afdb17f2 / 9ea98b15]
14:50:52.582132 core/blockchain.go:971] imported 2048 block(s) (0 queued 0 ignored) including 16624 txs in 29m47.99032583s. #1944841 [51102fff / 634dc362]

And you can there's no consistency. Even when it imports less than the max (1966 v 2048) it still might take longer. But this download has been going on for days and I'd love to be able to speed it up a bit.


  • smaksmak Member Posts: 26
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    all blocks are not equal. some involve complex contracts that involve some serious computational power. others are empty.

    you should have used the --fast attribute it would have caught up by now
  • northwaynorthway Member Posts: 1
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    I'm using geth like this: geth --autodag --verbosity 3 --nat "none" --cache=256 --support-dao-fork --fast

    It's still feels very slow. Is there a way to speed it up or I'm using it wrong?

    PS.: My mistake! I started to sync without --fast attribute...
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  • etakmitetakmit Member Posts: 28
    Yep I killed it, wiped out what had been grabbed already and started over using --fast and it caught up in no time!
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